Unique Facts About America that Little People Know

Kita sering mendengar kata Amerika. Mendengar nama negara ini pikiran kita akan dibawa ke banyak hal yang diperlukan Amerika seperti kecanggihan teknologi, budaya, bangunan ikonik, dan hal-hal luar biasa lainnya. Namun di balik kekuatan super dari salah satu kekuatan super ini, ada beberapa hal yang hanya sedikit diketahui oleh kita bahkan oleh orang Amerika. Ingin tahu sesuatu? Berikut adalah hal-hal unik yang jarang diketahui tentang Amerika.

Orang Amerika yang mendarat di bulan

Tidak ada negara manusia yang pernah ke bulan selain Amerika, karena misi komandan Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong menyediakan langkah-langkah pada 20 Juli 1969, sehingga ia menerima sebagai orang pertama yang mendarat di bulan. Sebanyak 11 astronot Amerika lainnya melalui 6 pendaratan Apollo di bulan telah diminta untuk menjejakkan kaki mereka di bulan.

Jika Armstrong adalah yang pertama, maka tidak banyak orang yang tahu siapa yang terakhir mendarat di bulan, orang itu adalah komandan Apollo 17, Eugene Cernan. Dia berangkat bulan pada 14 Desember 1972 dan berkata, “Aku memberi manusia langkah terakhir di bulan, aku pulang untuk kembali kapan saja”

Danau besar

Great Lakes is a group of large lakes that are on the border of the United States and Canada. Americans know very well that Lake Superior is the largest compared to other Great Lakes groups. Native American Ojibwe named the lake Gitchi-Gami, but whatever its call is the largest freshwater lake in the world, its surface area is 31,700 miles2 or 82,100 square km, roughly the size of the area of ​​North Carolina or Scotland.

The volume of this lake is 2,900 mil3 or 12,088 cubic kilometers. Lake Superior is large enough to cover the entire North and South America region if the water is at foot height. America officially divides the lake region with Canada since Lake Superior is located along the two countries.

American flag

The use of the American flag is seen a little unusual with most other countries. Generally the state flag is mounted / used to mark government buildings or other official buildings of a country. But in America this flag is commonly found in fast food restaurants, in the yard, in homes, even this flag is printed on all types of items such as clothes, pillows, sheets, mugs and other objects that can be brought to everywhere, this seems to explain that Americans are so in love with the flag, so that when these objects are taken wherever Americans are, they will continue to carry the identity of their country even at the end of the world.

Besides being printed on various objects, this flag also exists and is fixed on the moon. In fact there were 6 US flags on the moon when the Apollo aircraft landed, it is not known whether all of the flags were still standing there or not, but the state of the remaining flags looked very faded to white due to exposure to solar radiation.

From the above explanation you could say the American flag is spread throughout the world even outside the earth though


The Hollywood sign that we often know is a symbol of a dream come true for thousands of people who hopefully moved to Los Angeles to pursue careers in the entertainment area. This ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign has a length of 107.3 meters consisting of its constituent letters, each of which has a height of 13.7 meters, and spent the cost of making $ 21,000 in construction in 1923, it is worth about $ 300,000 if using current tariff standards .

When this sign is actually posted the writing is HOLLYWOODLAND, not HOLLYWOOD. The purpose of this sign is actually as a real estate advertisement for an upper-class district that only stood for one and a half years, but because of the development of the film industry, ownership was passed to the city of Los Angeles in 1940 and the last four letters were omitted to reflect the sign we know today.

Halloween celebration

Millions of Americans are quite fond of this scary celebration and buy lots of expensive items for the needs of this celebration. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 175 million Americans are estimated to participate in the 2018 holiday and cost around US $ 9 billion, where most of the costs are used to buy sweets, followed by decorations, costumes and greeting cards. Although Halloween originated in Ancient Celts (now we know it Ireland), this type of celebration has been popular in America since the early 20th century.

Lightning Protection at The Empire State Building

The tallest building in the United States is the One World Trade Center with a height of 541.3 meters, while the Empire State Building has a height of 381 meters. Even though it is inferior to One WTC, the Empire State Building is more often a lightning strike subscription. This building has an antenna with an additional lightning rod.

That’s because one of New York’s iconic buildings is known as a lightning strike subscription building, even this building was struck by electric current from lightning an average of 23 times per year. Many statements state that it is not possible to strike lightning twice in the same place, but in reality it has happened at the Empire State Building where lightning struck twice in the same place on Monday, July 25 2016 and was captured by photographer Henrik Moltke.

Other tall buildings in New York such as the Statue of Liberty are usually also hit by lightning, but fortunately this statue was built on a granite foundation and a large concrete foundation.

Statue of Liberty

The world almost always connects America with the Statue of Liberty, a national monument that is featured in many films and acts as a symbol of freedom. This statue is a gift from France to the United States to commemorate 100 years of independence from British colonialism.

Sedikit yang tahu Fakta tentang patung ini terlihat agak berbeda saat pertama kali tiba di New York dari Paris. Saat patung tembaga selesai dan dibawa ke Amerika pada tahun 1886, warnanya menggunakan koin satu sen dolar atau seperti perunggu. Namun, selama bertahun-tahun, tembaga memperbaiki oksidasi yang mengubah warna patung dari coklat, menjadi biru kehijauan seperti yang kita kenal sekarang.