Brief History

Brief History and Facts

Oostburg Ambulance (OA) provides EMS at the EMT-Intermediate level for approximately 10,328 residents located in 75 square miles in the South East Corner of Sheboygan County. Townships include: Holland, Lima, and Wilson (Gibbsville, Hingham, Ourtown and Terry Andrea State Park). Villages include: Cedar Grove and Oostburg. OA is also busy with accidents on I43 and State Highway 32. There were 53 car accidents occurring just last year.

  • 1973 – Oostburg Ambulance Established
  • 1974 – Oostburg Rescue Squad responded to 1st call on May 23rd, 1974
  • 1985 – Village of Oostburg turned the billing, maintenance, & training responsibilities over to the Oostburg Rescue Squad Membership
  • 1987 – Oostburg Rescue Squad increased Level of Service to EMT-I and adopted the Defibrillation Protocol
  • 1992 – Oostburg Rescue Squad renamed Oostburg Ambulance
  • 2005 – Created Oostburg 1st Response Program (last year OA responded 67 times at the ‘First Responder’ level)
  • 2006 – Created Town of Lima 1st Response Program (Gibbsville included in response area)
  • 2007 – Added 12 Lead EKG Monitoring to provided services
  • 2008 – Town of Wilson First Responder program was created
  • 2009 – Celebrated 35 years of service